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International Certification and Qualification


ASCPi Certification & Qualification: Our Global Response to a Changing World

International Credentials through ASCPi help you stay focused on work and education priorities no matter where you’re located.

ASCP offers its gold standard credentials in the form of international certification to eligible individuals worldwide. The ASCPi credential certifies professional competency among new and practicing laboratory personnel in an effort to contribute globally to the highest standards of patient safety. Graduates of medical laboratory science programs outside the United States are challenged with content that mirrors the standards of excellence established by ASCP exams. The ASCPi credential carries the weight of eighty years of expertise in clinical laboratory professional certification.

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Examination Results Procedures

Examination Results Procedures

E-mailing of Scores:
Examination scores will be mailed to you within 20 working days after you have taken the examination provided all official transcripts verifying the appropriate degree have been received.

Note: Examination results cannot be released by telephone to anyone. DO NOT submit a new application fee to retake the test prior to receiving your examination scores.

Score Report:
It is important that you retain the examination score report as this report will be the only document from the Board of Certification that will contain your Certification Number.

If you are unsuccessful in passing the examination, information on re-testing will be enclosed with your examination scores. DO NOT submit an application fee to retake the examination until you receive your examination scores by email.

Maximum Number of Examination Attempts:
You are permitted to take the examination in any one particular category a total of five times under one route. If you are unsuccessful after five attempts, you are ineligible for further examination in that category under the same route.

Release of Scores:
Successful International Certificant names will be published in the International Certification Report. If you do not wish for your name to be published, please email no later than 10 days before your examination.

Request for Examination Scores Mailed/Emailed to a Third Party:
Requests for submitting verification of certification or examination scores to a third party, such as a State licensing board or employer, must be ordered online by the examinee after successful completion of the examination. A link to the online verification of certification process is provided on the online examinee score report or by going to after successful completion of the examination. There is a $15 service fee (payable by credit card) for each 3rd party verification request.

Verification of Computer Examination Results:
If you wish to question your computer examination results, you must notify our office in writing within 30 days from the date of receipt of scores. A $25.00 fee is required. The check or money order must be enclosed with your request. The ASCP Board of Certification does not release or disclose the content or answers for specific test items. Incorrect responses will not be reported when requesting a review.