Tool Kit

Tool Kit

The Choosing Wisely Tool Kit is designed to help raise public awareness and garner support around appropriate test utilization. We encourage you to explore and share the resources, read articles, and download the PDF guides, posters, and handouts as you communicate the Choosing Wisely mission with patients and colleagues in your community.

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If you're short on time, follow these three quick steps to share the Choosing Wisely mission with your patients and colleagues.

Act Quick ways to lead and influence

1. Forward this email to 3-5 colleagues who may not yet be aware of Choosing Wisely. You can copy and paste the email message or just click the Forward Email button.
2. Share these quick resources at your next staff meeting. Build awareness among your team about the importance of the Choosing Wisely campaign.
Play this video: Dr. Hilborne Discusses Choosing Wisely (2:09)

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Print copies of this PDF: 5 Things Pathologists, Laboratory Professionals and Patients Should Question

Click here to download and print thePDF
Discuss this article from WSJ experts together: Have we entered a Period Where People Are Screening Too Much for Disease?

Click here to open the Wall Street Journal website
3. Volunteer 30-60 minutes per year spreading the message with others. Enter your email address below and we will get in touch about speaking engagements around the country. You can become an official ASCP Choosing Wisely Ambassador today!

If you have a little more time to explore, check out our collection of videos, articles, and interviews about the Choosing Wisely campaign.

Watch Short videos online

Dr. Hilborne Discusses Choosing Wisely (2:09)

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At ASCP 2013, Lee Hilborne, MD, MPH, FCAP, DLM(ASCP)CM FASCP, talks about the impact the Choosing Wisely campaign has had on the pathology and laboratory medicine communities.
All About Choosing Wisely (2:59)

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What is the Choosing Wisely campaign? It's a way for physicians and patients to talk about how to avoid wasteful medical care.
Talking With Your Doctor (2:48)

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From Consumer Reports and the Choosing Wisely campaign, here is advice about how to make the most productive use of a few minutes with your doctor. It includes 5 questions that will help you avoid unnecessary tests and treatments.
More Medicine Is Not Always Better (2:59)

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Doctors have identified dozens of overused and unnecessary tests and procedures. They don't provide a benefit and may even cause harm. Here are questions to ask your doctor, to avoid unneeded care.
EKGs and Exercise Stress Tests (2:24)

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If you have heart disease or are at risk for it, an EKG or exercise stress test can be lifesaving. But in other cases, the tests are usually not a good idea.
Treating Sinusitis (2:49)

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If you have heart disease or are at risk for it, an EKG or exercise stress test can be lifesaving. But in other cases, the tests are usually not a good idea.
ASCP's Choosing Wisely PSA (0:30)

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ASCP's animated "Choosing Wisely" Public Service Announcement (PSA) for patients.
Pathology Leadership in the Patient-Centered Era - Plenary Session at ASCP 2013 (1:20:00)

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The Pathology and Leadership in the Patient-Centered Era general session presented opportunities available to the specialty of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the immediate years before us.
Choosing Wisely: Clips from the California Society for Pathology annual meeting

Click here to watch the clips.
Experts discuss how to choose tests wisely at the California Society for Pathology annual meeting, December 2013.

Click here to watch the clips.

Listen Interviews and podcasts

Lois Snyder, JD (American College of Physicians): Defensive Medicine Does Not Protect Physicians from Malpractice Suits (2 minutes)

Lois Snyder, JD talks about why defensive medicine does not protect physicians from malpractice suits. This clip is incorporated into the American College of Physician's 5th topic Overcoming Barriers to High Value Care on thier web-based physician education tool. Lois Snyder and the ACP should be acknowledged if/when people use the clip.
The Pulse AM 620 Radio Interview: Arming Yourself with Good Information (20 minutes)

When it comes to effective healthcare spending, most people don't have the opportunity to arm themselves with good information. What does my healthcare situation really mean? What sorts of tests and treatments are the best course of action for someone in my situation? Dr. Noah Nesin of Penobscot Community Health Care and Kellie Miller of Maine Quality Counts visit the studio to discuss the importance of being well-informed and the "Choosing Wisely" initiative.
The Sound of Ideas Radio Interview: When Less is More at the Doctor's Office (1 hour)

Ever wonder why all those tests your doctor prescribes are necessary? Later, when you get the bill, ever wonder how a simple test that took five minutes could cost that much money? One group is asking doctors to think about what tests are over-prescribed or unnecessary. It could cut costs and improve patient care, but it can also be difficult to figure out what's wasteful and what's crucial.
"Rappin' Wisely" - Dr. Jay Naliboff (3 minutes)

Dr. Jay Naliboff, an accomplished obstetrician/gynecologist in Maine, performs his "Rappin' Wisely" song inspired by the Choosing Wisely campaign.

Install Echo AUC app for Android and Apple devices

AUC for Echocardiography App
Apple  |  Android

A simple, practical approach for physicians to pursue additional professionalism in their daily practice in a more accessible and attainable way. The physician will be motivated to use this app because he/she will be able to have an immediately accessible source to make a quick decision for patient care that is backed up by expert opinion.

Download PDF guides, posters, and handouts

5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Get Any Test, Treatment, or Procedure 5 Things Pathologists, Laboratory Professionals, and Patients Should Question

Click to download PDF.

Click to download PDF.
American Journal of Clinical Pathology: When less is More for Patients in Laboratory Testing Critical Values: Choosing Tests Wisely Turns U.S. Medicine Inside Out

Click to download PDF.

Click to download PDF.
5 Things Physicians and Patients Should Question: All Specialty Society Lists (80 pages) ASCP Choosing Wisely Awareness Poster

Click to download PDF.

Click to download PDF.

For more patient–friendly PDF resources from specialty societies and Consumer Reports, visit

Explore Other Choosing Wisely websites & social media

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Choosing Wisely campaign website
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The Choosing Wisely campaign is an initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine
Consumer Reports
The ABIM Foundation is partnering with Consumer Health Choices to provide consumer resources on Choosing Wisely.

Click on any of the Choosing Wisely partner organizations below to visit its website and learn more about each of the lists of Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question.

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American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery (AAO–HNS)

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American College of Radiology (ACR)

American College of Rheumatology

American College of Surgeons

American Gastroenterological Association (AGA)

American Geriatrics Society (AGS)

American Headache Society (AHS)

AMDA – Dedicated to Long Term Care Medicine (formerly the American Medical Directors Association)

American Psychiatric Association (APA)

American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

American Society of Clinical Oncology

American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS)

American Society of Echocardiography (ASE)

American Society of Hematology (ASH)

American Society of Nephrology (ASN)

American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC)

American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)

American Thoracic Society

American Urological Association (AUA)

Commission on Cancer

The Endocrine Society

Heart Rhythm Society (HRS)

National Physicians Alliance (NPA)

North American Spine Society (NASS)

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI)

Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT)

Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR)

Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM)

Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM)

Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO)

Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM)

Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI)

Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS)

Society for Vascular Medicine (SVM)

Representing ASCP at the Choosing Wisely campaign news
conference for the media on Feb. 21, ASCP Executive Vice
President Dr. E. Blair Holladay answered a question from
Naomi Sunshine of Consumer Reports about one of the
five tests that ASCP recommends physicians and patients
should question.