Awards and Scholarships
for Laboratory Professionals

Nominate Dedicated Lab Professionals for Prestigious ASCP Awards

Each year, ASCP recognizes the individuals who have made outstanding, lifelong contributions to the Society. At the last annual meeting, ASCP honored members in several categories for their singular efforts toward the advancement of the organization. ASCP applauds them for their imagination, their tenacity, and their vision. To read about the 2015 ASCP award winners, click here.

If you wish to make a nomination for the awards listed, please submit a nomination form listing the individual you would like to nominate and why you believe the individual deserves recognition.

"Writing the essay for the Siemens–ASCP scholarship changed my perspective about what I wanted to do in my career. The essay made me realize that I wanted to go beyond cytology screening. I though about aspiring to a management position, learning more about molecular diagnostics, and teaching laboratory professional students. In the few years since I graduated, I have achieved all three goals outlined in my essay for the Siemens–ASCP scholarship"

–Erin McCarthy
2008–2009 – ASCP Scholarship Winner

“I loved the interaction with the pathologists and the other laboratory professionals in making a diagnosis on a difficult case. The solving of difficult cases is both challenging and exciting.”
–Bette A. Jamieson, MA, MT(ASCP)SH
2012 ASCP Member Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

ASCP Mastership

The ASCP Mastership designation serves to honor those distinguished ASCP members who have made significant contributions to the field of pathology and laboratory medicine and to the ASCP. Eligibility is based on years of ASCP membership, significant career accomplishments, and contributions to the Society and to the profession.
Download Mastership Nomination Form(PDF) or List of past Mastership Recipients

Member Lifetime Achievement Award

This award honors Laboratory professional members who have demonstrated a commitment to the profession through work, attitude, and Society activities over their careers.
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Member Excellence in Management Award

This award recognizes Laboratory professional members actively engaged in laboratory management or supervision who has demonstrated effective leadership skills and management strategies regarding personnel, finance, and operations.
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Member Excellence in Education Award

This award recognizes Laboratory professional members who are actively involved in a medical laboratory education program and demonstrating outstanding performance in teaching through work in the classroom or clinic, or through the development of effective teaching methods and instructional materials.
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Regional Member Award

Laboratory professional members who promote and enhance the field of laboratory medicine through their contributions at the local level receive this award. One recipient is selected annually from each of the eight national regions.
See a list of past recipients or Download an application

Mentorship Award

This award honors ASCP members who have demonstrated excellence in mentoring by providing support, encouragement and promoting the field of pathology to students/residents. This award is open to both Laboratory Professional Members and Fellow members.
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ASCP partners with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics annually to award scholarships to medical laboratory students. Scholarships help defray education costs, promote medical laboratory science as a rewarding career, address the workforce shortage of qualified professionals.

ASCP and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics have awarded $155,000 in scholarships to outstanding students in the 2014-2015 academic year.

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