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<br>Dr. Rosenzweig

Dr. Rosenzweig

Pathologist Is an Avid Collector of ASCP Lab Week Pins

Monday, April 16, 2012

Since his first year as a resident in 1993, Thomas Rosenzweig, MD, FASCP, has collected ASCP pins every year in honor of National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. Year-round, he proudly displays his 19 ASCP Lab Week pins on a cork board in his office at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System in Greenville, S.C.

“I see the ASCP Lab Week pin as a badge of courage.”
—Thomas Rosenzweig, MD, FASCP
This year laboratory professionals and pathologists will celebrate National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week from April 22 to 28, recognizing the crucial role laboratory professionals play on the healthcare team for patients. National Laboratory Week demonstrates the close ties between the entire laboratory team’s correct diagnoses and the best outcomes for patients.

“I see the ASCP Lab Week pin as a badge of courage,” Dr. Rosenzweig said. “I’ve always been proud of the profession and want to promote pathology and laboratory medicine to my clinical colleagues and patients. During National Laboratory Week, I always wear the ASCP pin on my lab coat and encourage my colleagues to celebrate our achievements.”

Early on, Dr. Rosenzweig collected sports memorabilia such as baseball cards, baseball game programs, team pennants, and various items from his No. 1 football team, the Green Bay Packers. The ASCP Lab Week pins were a natural extension of his collection hobby.

“I’ll collect the ASCP Lab Week pins until I retire,” he said.

Dr. Rosenzweig grew up around medicine; both of his grandfathers were physicians, and his father was a Pulmonologist. In high school and college, the idea of becoming a doctor grew on him. While he considered clinical medicine, he was naturally attracted to pathology.

“I really enjoyed the basic sciences in college and medical school, so pathology was a good fit for me,” Dr. Rosenzweig said.

He has never looked back and looks forward to wearing his 2012 ASCP National Laboratory Week pin on his lab coat next week. Then Dr. Rosenzweig will attach the pin to his bulletin board for year-round commemoration and expect another year, another badge of courage in 2013.